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Press Releases

104e-mPCIe Family - PCIe/104 Adapter Board Offering Flexible I/O Expansion Using Two or Four PCI Express Mini Card Sockets
USB/104 product line - Popularity of USB in DAQ market
USB-AIO16-16F - Software Selectable USB Multifunction Analog I/O Modules (12 Models) with Speeds up to 1MHz
PCIe-WDG-CSMA - Low Profile PCI Express Watchdog Timer Card Protects Against Mission-Critical System Failures
mPCIe-DIO Family - New Line of PCI Express Mini Cards for Easy and Flexible Digital I/O Expansion
USB3-104-HUB - Rugged, Industrial Grade, 4-Port SuperSpeed USB 3.1 Hub with Locking USB Connectors and Extended Temperature Operation
USB-104-IHUB - Rugged, Industrial-Strength 4-Port Isolated USB Hub Features 4kV Isolation and Extended Temperature Operation
USB-DIO24-CTR6 - Multifunction High-Speed USB Module Provides Optimized Digital I/O for Economical Digital Control and Monitoring
USB-3.5-HUB - Rugged, Industrial-Strength 4-Port USB Hub Features Extended Temperature and 3.5" Drive Bay Front Panel Mounting
mPCIe-COM-4SM Family - 6 New PCI Express Mini Card, Multi-Port, Multi-Protocol, RS-232/422/485 Serial Communication Modules
USB-AO-ARB1 - 8MHz, 16-Bit, USB Arbitrary Waveform Generator with Flexible Ranges and Configurable Digital I/O
mPCIe-ICM232 Series - Mini PCI Express RS232 Serial Communication Cards with Tru-Iso™ Isolation and Extended Temperature
PCIe-IDIO-24 - PCI Express I/O Card Provides 24 Isolated Digital Inputs and 24 Isolated Solid State FET Relay Outputs
ETH-DIO-48 - Ethernet 48 or 24-Channel Industrial Strength Digital I/O Module with Rugged, DIN Rail Mountable Enclosure
ANDROID-232 - RS-232 Serial Adapter for Android Devices with Extended Temperature Operation (-40°C to +85°C)
104I-COM-8SM Series - 6 New PCI-104 RS-232/422/485 Serial Communication Boards with Extended Temperature (-40°C to +85°C)
USB-104-HUB - Rugged, Industrial Grade, 4-Port USB Hub with High-Retention USB Connectors and Extended Temperature Operation
DAQ-PACK Series - DAQ-PACK Systems Feature up to 128-Channels of USB Multifunction Analog I/O and Flexible Signal Conditioning
PCIe-ICM Family - 6 New Isolated PCI Express RS-232/422/485 Serial Communication Cards with Speeds up to 3 Mbps
PCIe-COM Family - 20 New Software Selectable PCI Express RS-232/422/485 Serial Communication Cards
PICO-II8IDO4A - Multifunction Pico-I/O™ Module Provides 8 Isolated Inputs, 4 Solid State Outputs, and Two 16-Bit Analog Inputs.
USB-AO Series - Multifunction USB modules feature 4, 8, or 16 analog outputs, two analog inputs, and 16 digital I/O lines.
PCIe-DIO-48S Series - PCI Express 48-Channel Digital I/O Card with Change of State Detection
PCIe-COM232 Series - Low Profile PCI Express Multi-Port RS232 Serial Communication Cards
WWP-IIRO-8 - Wireless Pair of NEMA 16-Channel Optically Isolated Input / Relay Output Modules - No PC Connection Required!
P104-WDG-CSMA Series - PC/104-Plus Watchdog Timer Board Protects Against Mission-Critical System Failures
USB-DIO-96 - High-Speed USB Module Provides 96 or 48 Lines of Optimized Digital I/O
PICO-DIO16RO8 - Pico-I/O™ Module Provides 16 TTL/LVTTL Digital I/O and 8 Relay Outputs
USB-FLEXCOM4 - Industrial USB to Four RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 Serial Communication Ports
104-QUAD Family - New Line of 4, 6, or 8-channel PC/104 Digital Quadrature Encoder Input Boards for Motion Control Applications
USB-DIO-16H - New Series of Fast USB Digital Waveform (Pattern) Generator Modules (Four Models) for High-Speed Data Transfer
USB-IDIO-16 - USB Module with 16 Optically Isolated Digital Inputs and 16 Optically Isolated Solid State Relay Outputs
USB-AI16-16A Series - New Family of USB Analog Input Modules (Five Models) with Real-time Calibration
NANO I/O Server CD - Small, Fanless, Intel® Core™ Duo Embedded System with Industrial PC/104 I/O Expansion
USB-DA12-8A - USB Eight-Channel Analog Output Module with Arbitrary Waveform Generator
LVDT-8A - Multichannel LVDT Signal Conditioner Supports Position Measurement Applications
104-IDI-48 Series - New Series of Low-Cost PC/104 Digital Boards Provides 48 Isolated Digital Inputs
USB-IIRO4-2SM - USB Optically Isolated Digital I/O Module with Dual RS-232/422/485 Serial Communication Ports
PCI-IDI/IDO Series - Universal PCI Cards Provide 16, 32, or 48 Isolated Digital Inputs or Solid-State Outputs
USB-CTR-15 - USB Digital Module Provides Fifteen Independent Counter/Timers
ETX NANO I/O Server - Smallest Embedded Motherboard Using ETX CPUs, PC/104, and USB I/O Modules
WM-IIRO-8 - Wireless NEMA 16-Channel Optically Isolated Input / Relay Output Module and Wireless Serial Modem
USB-IIRO-16 - Compact USB 32-Channel Optically Isolated Input / Relay Output Module Ideal for High-Speed Digital Control
104-DA12-8A - Eight-Channel PC/104 Analog Output Board with Arbitrary Waveform Generator
104-II32-4RO - 36-Channel PC/104 Optically Isolated Input / Relay Output Module
USB-DIO-32 - High Speed USB.2.0 Module Provides 32 Lines of Optimized Digital I/O
LPCI-A16-16A - High-Speed (500 kHz) Universal PCI, 16-Bit Multifunction Analog I/O Board in a Low-Profile Form Factor
E4-DAS - Line of Rugged, Conduction Cooled, Integrated PC/104 Embedded Data Acquisition Systems
LPCI-COM-8SM - Eight-Port Universal PCI RS-232/422/485 Serial Communication Board in a Low-Profile Form Factor
IE-DAS - Line of Complete, Integrated PC/104 Intelligent Embedded Data Acquisition Systems
104-IDIO-16 - PC/104 Board with 16 Optically Isolated Digital Inputs and 16 Optically Isolated Solid State Outputs
104-COM-8SM - PC/104 High Speed Eight and Four Port RS-232/422/485 Serial Communication Boards
Universal PCI/PCI-X - Extensive PCI Line Now Provides Universal PCI and PCI-X Bus Compatibility
104-AIM-32 - Versatile PC/104 High-Density Analog Signal Conditioner Provides 32 Channels and up to 256 Inputs
104-COM-8S - PC/104 High-Speed Multi-Port RS-422/485 Serial Communication Boards
104-AIO16-16W - PC/104 High-Speed (500kHz), 16-Channel, 16-bit Multifunction Analog I/O Board
LPCI-COM422/8 and LPCI-COM485/8 - Low Profile, Universal PCI, 8-Port RS-485 or RS-422 Serial Communication Boards
RIO-24W - Wireless 24-Bit Discrete I/O Unit is Easy to Use, Offers Flexible Connectivity for Remote Data Acquisition
PCI-IDIO-16 - Change-of-State Detection PCI I/O Board Provides 16 Opto-Isolated Digital Inputs and 16 Solid State Outputs
104-ICOM-2S - PC/104 Dual Port, Optically Isolated, RS-422/485 Serial Communication Board
104-IIRO-16 - 32-Channel PC/104 Board Provides Change-of-State Detection, Optically Isolated Digital Inputs, Relay Outputs
104-IIRO-8 - 16-Channel PC/104 Board Provides Change-of-State Detection, Optically Isolated Digital Inputs, Relay Outputs
104-DIO-48S - 48 or 24 Lines of PC/104 Digital I/O with Change-of-State Detection
104-AIO12-8 - 12-Channel PC/104 Multifunction Analog I/O Board with Change-of-State Detection

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