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PCI Express (PCIe) Data Acquisition (DAQ) Products

High performance PCI Express (PCIe) data acquisition and control cards from ACCES are now shipping. Choose from analog, digital, and serial I/O cards for your next application. The bandwidth of PCI Express (PCIe) is more than double that of PCI in a x1 slot and also features both hot-swap and hot-plug installation. If you don't see what you need, ask us and we will make it for you.

Most newer motherboards are being manufactured using a combination of PCI and PCI Express (PCIe) slots. The most common PCI Express (PCIe) slot sizes are x1 and x16. All ACCES PCI Express (PCIe) cards use the x1 slot but can also be installed into larger slots. For example, you can install a PCI Express (PCIe) x1 card into an x16 slot (but it will operate at the x1 speed). The x1 slots are typically general purpose and the x16 slots are used for video or other high performance cards.

PCI Express (PCIe) is a needed development in the area of computers. An evolution of the PCI bus, PCI Express (PCIe) will eventually replace PCI, PCI-X, and AGP motherboard slots. All ACCES PCI Express (PCIe) products will fit into any PCI Express (PCIe) slot. Although AGP has expired, standard PCI will still be around for some time. Expect to see at least 1 or 2 standard PCI slots along with PCI Express (PCIe) in most motherboards for the next few years.

The PCI Express (PCIe) bus is high-speed (2.5 Gb/s) serial (point-to-point) replacement of the older, shared, parallel PCI/PCI-X bus. Unlike PCI, which shares bandwidth with all devices on the bus, each PCI Express (PCIe) device receives dedicated bandwidth. At the software-level, PCI Express (PCIe) preserves compatibility with PCI; a PCI Express (PCIe) device can be configured and used in legacy applications and operating-systems which have no direct knowledge of PCIe's newer features - only minor software modifications are usually necessary to migrate from ISA or PCI devices to PCI Express. Although software may remain transparent, the physical connection (slot) is entirely different from those of the older standard PCI or PCI-X slots.

Each lane of a PCI Express (PCIe) connection contains two pairs of wires, one to send and one to receive. Data is sent serially in packets through pairs of transmit and receive signals called lanes. Since PCI Express (PCIe) is a serial based technology, data can be sent over the bus in two directions at once. A x1 connection, the smallest PCI Express (PCIe) connection, has one lane made up of four wires, a x4 link has four lanes and contains 16 wires, and so on. Other common configurations are x8 and x16.

Click the following wikipedia links to learn more about PCI Express (PCIe) and data acquisition (DAQ) in general.

Serial Communication PCI Express Cards
PCIe-COM-8SM*8 Software Selectable921.6k3EEPROM128-ByteCabled DB9
PCIe-COM485-8*8921.6k3EEPROM128-ByteCabled DB9
PCIe-COM422-8*8921.6k3EEPROM128-ByteCabled DB9
PCIe-COM232-8**8  921.6k128-ByteCabled DB9
PCIe-COM-4SM* 4 Software Selectable921.6k3EEPROM128-ByteCabled DB9
PCIe-COM-4SMRJ4 Software Selectable921.6k3EEPROM 128-ByteRJ45
PCIe-COM-4SMDB4 Software Selectable921.6k3EEPROM 128-ByteDB9
PCIe-ICM-4SM4 Software Selectable921.6k3EEPROMYes128-ByteDB9
PCIe-COM-4SRJ 4 Software Selectable921.6k3EEPROM 128-ByteRJ45
PCIe-COM-4SDB 4 Software Selectable921.6k3EEPROM 128-ByteDB9
PCIe-ICM-4S 4 Software Selectable921.6k3EEPROMYes128-ByteDB9
PCIe-COM485-4* 4921.6k3EEPROM128-ByteCabled DB9
PCIe-COM422-4* 4921.6k3EEPROM128-ByteCabled DB9
PCIe-COM232-4**4  921.6k128-ByteCabled DB9
PCIe-COM232-4RJ4  921.6k 128-ByteRJ45
PCIe-COM232-4DB4  921.6k 128-ByteDB9
PCIe-ICM232-44  921.6kYes128-ByteDB9
PCIe-COM-2SMRJ2 Software Selectable921.6k3EEPROM 128-ByteDRJ45
PCIe-COM-2SMDB2 Software Selectable921.6k3EEPROM 128-ByteDB9
PCIe-ICM-2SM2 Software Selectable921.6k3EEPROMYes128-ByteDB9
PCIe-COM-2SRJ 2 Software Selectable921.6k3EEPROM 128-ByteRJ45
PCIe-COM-2SDB 2 Software Selectable921.6k3EEPROM 128-ByteDB9
PCIe-ICM-2S 2 Software Selectable921.6k3EEPROMYes128-ByteDB9
PCIe-COM232-2RJ2  921.6k 128-ByteRJ45
PCIe-COM232-2DB2  921.6k 128-ByteDB9
PCIe-ICM232-22  921.6kYes128-ByteDB9
PROT CFG = protocol configuration * Low Profile MD2 PCI/PCIe spec ** Low Profile MD1 = Smallest PCI/PCIe specification = Optionally available RoHS Ready 3 = Up to 3Mbps with custom software
Digital I/O PCI Express Bus Products
Products # I/O Buf Prog OPTOs Relays CTRS COS XT RoHS
PCIe-DIO-144144 I/OYesYes    Yes
PCIe-DIO-120120 I/OYesYes    Yes
PCIe-DIO-9696 I/OYesYes    Yes
PCIe-DIO-7272 I/OYesYes    Yes
PCIe-DIO-48S48 I/OYesYes   YesYes
PCIe-DIO-48 48 I/OYesYes    Yes
PCIe-DIO-48JPLS**48 I/OYesYes   YesYes
PCIe-DIO-48JPS**48 I/OYesYes   YesYes
PCIe-DIO-48JPL** 48 I/OYesYes    Yes
PCIe-DIO-48JP** 48 I/OYesYes    Yes
PCIe-DIO-24S24 I/OYesYes   YesYes
PCIe-DIO-24D24 I/OYesYes   NoYes
PCIe-DIO-24DC24 I/OYesYes  YesNoYes
PCIe-DIO-24DS24 I/OYesYes   YesYes
PCIe-DIO-24DCS24 I/OYesYes  YesYesYes
PCIe-DIO-24H24 I/OYesYes   NoYes
PCIe-DIO-24HS24 I/OYesYes   YesYes
PCIe-DIO-24HC24 I/OYesYes  YesNoYes
PCIe-IDIO-2424 In/24 OutYes Yes24SS* YesYes
PCIe-IIRO-1616 In/16 OutYes Yes16 YesYes
PCIe-IDIO-1212 In/12 OutYes Yes12SS* YesYes
PCIe-IIRO-88 In/8 OutYes Yes8 YesYes
PCIe-IDI-2424 InYes Yes  YesYes
PCIe-IDO-2424 OutYes Yes24SS* YesYes
Buf = Buffered I/O   Prog = Programmable I/O   OPTOs = Optically Isolated   * Solid State Relays
** 68-Pin SCSI Connector   CTRS = Counters/Timers   XT = Extended Temperature Option
COS = Change Of State Detection = Optionally Available RoHS Ready
Analog Output PCI Express DAQ Products
Products # Inputs (SE/DIFF) Res BIP RG Uni RG Gain Speed FIFO # Outputs Res BIP RG Uni RG 4-20mA # Dig I/O
Now Available!
       161633Yes24 prog
Now Available!
       81633Yes24 prog
Now Available!
       61633Yes16 prog
Now Available!
       41633Yes16 prog
Now Available!
       21633Yes16 prog
RES = resolution   BIP RG = bipolar ranges   UniRG = unipolar ranges
* Has a 2k sample buffer and a 2k pointlist buffer   ** Larger FIFOs available for this card   *** Low Profile
PCI Express Mini Card Analog Input/Output DAQ Products
Products # Inputs Res Bip RG Uni RG Gain Speed Autocal FIFO # Outputs Res Bip RG Uni RG 4-20mA # Dig I/O XT
mPCIe-AIO16-16F16 SE, 8 DIF1677Software≤2MHz  41632 2Yes
mPCIe-AI16-16F16 SE, 8 DIF1677Software≤2MHz       2Yes
mPCIe-AIO16-16A16 SE, 8 DIF1677Software≤1MHz  41632 2Yes
mPCIe-AI16-16A16 SE, 8 DIF1677Software≤1MHz       2Yes
mPCIe-AIO16-16E16 SE, 8 DIF1677Software≤.5mHz  41632 2Yes
mPCIe-AI16-16E16 SE, 8 DIF1677Software≤.5MHz       2Yes
mPCIe-AIO12-16A16 SE, 8 DIF1277Software≤1MHz  41232 2Yes
mPCIe-AI12-16A16 SE, 8 DIF1277Software≤1MHz       2Yes
mPCIe-AIO12-16 16 SE, 8 DIF1277Software≤.5MHz  41232 2Yes
mPCIe-AI12-16 16 SE, 8 DIF1277Software≤.5MHz       2Yes
mPCIe-AIO12-16E16 SE, 8 DIF1277Software≤200kHz  41232 2Yes
mPCIe-AI12-16E16 SE, 8 DIF1277Software≤200kHz       2Yes
mPCIe-ADIO16-8F8 SE, 4 DIF1677Software≤1MHz  41632 16Yes
mPCIe-ADI16-8F8 SE, 4 DIF1677Software≤1MHz       16Yes
mPCIe-ADIO16-8A8 SE, 4 DIF1677Software≤500kHz  41632 16Yes
mPCIe-ADI16-8A8 SE, 4 DIF1677Software≤500kHz       16Yes
mPCIe-ADIO16-8E8 SE, 4 DIF1677Software≤250kHz  41632 16Yes
mPCIe-ADI16-8E8 SE, 4 DIF1677Software≤250kHz       16Yes
mPCIe-ADIO12-8A8 SE, 4 DIF1277Software≤500kHz  41232 16Yes
mPCIe-ADI12-8A8 SE, 4 DIF1277Software≤50kHz       16Yes
mPCIe-ADIO12-8 8 SE, 4 DIF1277Software≤250kHz  41232 16Yes
mPCIe-ADI12-8 8 SE, 4 DIF1277Software≤250kHz       16Yes
mPCIe-ADIO12-8E8 SE, 4 DIF1277Software≤100kHz  41232 16Yes
mPCIe-ADI12-8E8 SE, 4 DIF1277Software≤100kHz       16Yes
RES = resolution   Bip RG = bipolar ranges   UniRG = unipolar ranges   AUTOCAL = autocalibration
XT = extended temperature option * = Optional FIFO up to 4K
Serial Communication PCI Express Mini Card (mPCIe) Cards
4 Software Selectable921.6k3EEPROM 128-Bytemicro header + cable
 4 Software Selectable921.6k3EEPROM 128-Bytemicro header + cable
  43MbpsYes128-Bytemicro header + cable
 4 3MbpsYes128-Bytemicro header + cable
4  921.6k 128-Bytemicro header + cable
4  921.6kYes128-Bytemicro header + cable
2 Software Selectable921.6k3EEPROM 128-Bytemicro header + cable
 2 Software Selectable921.6k3EEPROM 128-Bytemicro header + cable
  23MbpsYes128-Bytemicro header + cable
 2 3MbpsYes128-Bytemicro header + cable
2  921.6k 128-Bytemicro header + cable
2  921.6kYes128-Bytemicro header + cable
  13MbpsYes128-Bytemicro header + cable
 1 3MbpsYes128-Bytemicro header + cable
Coming Soon!
1 Port 1394B interface
aka FireWire 800
800 Mbit/sn/amicro header + cable
Coming Soon!
1 Dual-Wire CAN-bus port25k-1MBitn/amicro header + cable
PROT CFG = protocol configuration *mPCIe full-length ** mPCIe half-length = Smallest mPCIe specification = Optionally available RoHS Ready

Digital I/O PCI Express Mini Card (mPCIe) Bus DAQ Products
Products # I/O Buf Prog OPTOs Relays CTRS COS RoHS
Available Now!
24 I/OYesYes   Yes
mPCIe-DIO-24S24 I/OYesYes   Yes
mPCIe-DIO-2424 I/OYesYes   
Available Now!
16 InYes Yes  Yes
Available Now!
8 InYes Yes  Yes
Available Now!
4 InYes Yes  Yes
Available Now!
8 In/8 OutYes Yes8SS* Yes
Available Now!
8 OutYes  8SS*  
Available Now!
4 In/4 OutYes Yes4SS* Yes
Available Now!
8 In/8 OutYes Yes8 Yes
Available Now!
8 OutYes  8 
Available Now!
4 In/4 OutYes Yes4 Yes
Buf = Buffered I/O   Prog = Programmable I/O   OPTOs = Optically Isolated   * Solid State
CTRS = Counters/Timers   COS = Change Of State Detection   = Optionally available RoHS Ready

Watchdog PCI Express Products
PCIe-WDG-CSMAAdvanced PCI Express watchdog timer card, all options, monitor voltage, humidity, temperature, light, and more
PCIe-WDG-CSMStandard PCI Express watchdog timer card
Acquisition, Control, Communication: Engineering and Systems