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Remote Data Acquisition

Sometimes your sensors or the piece of equipment you are trying to control is not in a convenient place to have a PC close by. The sensors may be widely distributed through out your plant and it just wouldn't be cost effective to run all your wiring to where the PC is. In addition, low level signals are more accurately acquired when digitized close to the signal source. In all these cases our REMOTE ACCES line of products will help. The REMOTE ACCES pods are intelligent, sensor to computer interfaces. Each pod can be used as an autonomous data logger to acquire data for later download. Or as many as 31 pods may be connected on a single two wire multidrop RS-485 network allowing a cable distance of up to 4000 ft. You can also go wireless and extend your range by adding RS-485 wireless transceivers to your serial port. Each unit comes in a rugged NEMA 4 enclosure and can withstand harsh industrial and marine environments.

All of our remote products share many features, including an integral microcontroller software programmable baud-rate, software-upgradeable firmware, EEPROM for configuration storage, optically-isolated RS485 serial operation at up to 28.8K baud, (non-isolated option at 57.6K baud) and availability in NEMA 4 sealed enclosures.

Remote Data Acquisition
RDAG12-8(H) Eight 12-bit Digital to Analog converters, with 3 voltage ranges and simultaneous 4-20mA current output. Available in a High-Current drive version (model RDAG12-8H). Both models have 7 bits of open collector I/O.
RA1216 12-bit 16-channel Data Acquisition card. This pod supports very flexible range and input types.
RAD128 12-bit A/D, 8 S.E. Inputs, 7 DIO, and compatible with ACCES Model AIM-16, LVDT-8, SSH-08 and other.
RAG128 Same as RAD128 in form-factor that is compatible with the ACCES model T-BOX.
RAD242 24-bit Sigma Delta 2 differential input A/D with programmable gain plus 12 bits of isolated digital I/O.
RIDACS Remote Intelligent Data Acquisition and Control Systems
RIOD-24 24-digital I/O, individually configured in software as inputs or outputs. Open collector drivers, allowing up to 50V complaince voltage, capable of sinking up to 350mA per channel. Pod supports transition-counting; level, pulse, or square-wave output generation; Change-Of-State detection on selected inputs; and bit-, byte-, and/or word-wide access to the digital I/O. NEMA 4 enclosure.
RDG-24 Same as RIOD-24 in form-factor compatible with the ACCES model T-BOX.
RDI-54 54 digital inputs, allowing up to 50V signal levels. Pod supports transition-counting, Change-of-State detection on configured inputs, and more!
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