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ACCES Wireless Data Acquisition Products

ACCES is going wireless!

There have been many inquiries about our wireless I/O products. Many of these requests begin with "This is just what I need, I can't hard wire to a PC because...". Let's face it, running cable in an industrial environment can be costly, especially when you consider all the material and manpower needed to finish the job. Additionally, how can you collect data on something that is in motion like a car on a track? Our Wireless I/O products are perfect for remote installations in harsh atmospheric, industrial or marine applications. These units offer a low-cost alternative to costly signal wire installations in applications such as agricultural and irrigations systems, building management and control, security and factory automation.

Wireless I/O enables you to monitor, acquire and process data from remote sensors, or control analog or digital outputs, all this over a wireless serial communications link. With just a single serial port on your PC, you can control up to 255 of our Wireless I/O Pods. Imagine a Wireless DAQ system that costs less to install, own and maintain than hard-wired DAQ. Eliminate costly cable repairs. Less time and money is spent when setups are reconfigured or expanded.

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Analog Output Wireless Products
WM-RDAG12-8(H) Eight 12-bit D/A converters, with 3 voltage ranges and simultaneous 4-20mA current output. Available in a high-current drive version (model RDAG12-8H). Both models have 7 bits of open collector I/O.

Analog Input Wireless Products
WM-RA1216 12-bit, 16-channel analog input device with 3 analog outputs supports very flexible range and input types.
WM-RAG128 12-bit A/D, 8 S.E. inputs, 7 DIO, and compatible with ACCES Model AIM-16, LVDT-8, SSH-08 and others.

Integrated DAQ System Wireless Products
WM-RIDACS Remote Intelligent Data Acquisition and Control Systems offers a wide variety of configurations for analog, digital and mixed DAQ needs.

Digital I/O and Relay Wireless Products
WM-IIRO-8 8-Channel optically isolated input / electromechanical relayt output module.
WM-RDI-54 54 digital inputs, allowing up to 50V signal levels. Unit supports transition-counting, Change-of-State detection on configured inputs, and more!
WM-RIO-24 Digital I/O solution with 24-bits in any combination of inputs or high-current outputs. Open collector drivers, allowing up to 50V complaince voltage, capable of sinking up to 350mA per channel. Unit supports: transition-counting; level, pulse or square-wave output generation; Change-of-State detection on selected inputs; and bit-, byte-, and/or world-wide access to the digital I/O.
WWP-IIRO-8 A unique automated solution to wirelessly transmit the state of 8 isolated inputs up to 7 miles to 8 corresponding relay outputs -- bidirectionally, with no computer involved!

Wireless Modem / Computer-Interface Products
Wireless Serial
Wireless modem radio transceivers for use with our wireless DAQ products. Connects to any serial port.

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