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Complete Integrated Intelligent Embedded Data Acquisition Systems


  • Fanless operation with convection cooling via vented enclosure sidewalls
  • Supports a variety of CPUs such as EBX, EPIC and PC/104
  • 20GB Laptop Notebook Hard-drive (higher density available)
  • Accepts up to four PC/104 or PC/104-Plus expansion boards
  • External 115VAC power supply
  • Scalable and Flexible I/O interfacing
  • Attractive black powder coat finish with silk screened labels and logos
  • Size: 9" Width x 7" Depth x 4 1/2" Height
  • Designed, made, supported, and manufactured in the USA


The IE-DAS is an economical, high-performance data acquisition system designed for PC/104 and PC/104-Plus configurations. This complete integrated system is packaged in a rugged steel enclosure and has threaded inserts for panel, DIN rail, and rack mount installations. The IE-DAS supports a stack of up to four PC/104 boards plus CPU covering a wide range of functions such as analog and digital I/O, serial communications, relay and TTL output, and wireless Ethernet options. It can support a broad range of embedded CPUs such as EBX, EPIC and PC/104. Designed for embedded or portable applications such as military and defense, communications, distributed control, security and surveillance, semiconductor manufacturing, or any other application requiring the use of an embedded industrial computer.

The basic system consists of 300MHz Pentium EBX CPU and a rich selection of standard peripheral ports such as VGA, keyboard and mouse, dual USB ports, dual 10/100BaseT Ethernet, dual RS-232 and one RS-232/485 port. An external 115 VAC/DC power supply is used to reduce heat and noise within the enclosure. A reset switch and system status LEDs are provided and can be implemented to monitor your specific application program.

Existing Configuration 1
Standard Computer Peripherals such as 2 LAN port, 2 USB ports, 3 RS-232 ports, Keyboard, Mouse & Video available from CPU board, brought to connectors in enclosure.
Existing Configuration 2
Based on Specifications of our PC/104 Multifunction Analog to Digital Board Model 104-AIO12-8. Built upon Existing Configuration 1. All Data Acquisition I/O is accessed by DB25 connectors.
  • 8 Differential Analog Inputs, 12-bit Resolution for sensor or voltage monitoring
  • 4 Analog Outputs, 12-bit Resolution
  • 24 lines of Digital I/O
  • 3 Counter timers, 16-bit
  • Existing Configuration 3
    Built upon Existing Configuration 2 plus the Specifications of our PC/104 Analog Signal Conditioner Model 104-AIM-32.
  • 23 Differential Analog Inputs, 12-bit Resolution for direct sensor or voltage monitoring (optional conditioning for RTDís, Thermocouples, 4-20mA inputs etc.)
  • 4 Analog Outputs, 12-bit Resolution
  • 24 lines of Digital I/O
  • Existing Configuration 4
    Built upon Existing Configuration 1 plus the Specifications of our PC/104 8 port Serial Communications Board Model 104-COM-8SM.
  • 8 additional RS-232/422/485 Standard Serial Communication Ports with 64-byte transmit/receive FIFO buffers
  • Existing Configuration 5
    Built upon Existing Configuration 1 plus the Specifications of our PC/104 High Resolution High Speed Multifunction Analog I/O Model 104-AIO16-16.
  • 8 Differential or 16 Single Ended Analog Inputs 16-bit Resolution for sensor or voltage monitoring
  • 16 lines of Digital I/O
  • 2 Analog Outputs, 12-bit Resolution
  • 3 Counter timers, 16-bit
  • Advanced systems include the integration of any variety of our (or customer specified) analog, digital, serial or relay I/O boards together with extended CPU and peripheral capabilities. I/O is accessed via the customerís choice of connector cutouts on the unitís front or back panel. Every application is different and ACCES can easily produce a system tailored to the customerís specific needs.


    • Aerospace
    • Military and Defense
    • Communications/Networking
    • Data Acquisition
    • Industrial Control/Automation
    • Transportation
    • Security


    The system ships with pre-loaded board software packages containing utility and tools software along with a variety of drivers. Source code and examples in ďCĒ are provided for Linux and DOS, and in a variety of languages for use in Windows versions up to XP and beyond. TCP/IP / Internet data acquisition is available via onboard web server software optionally integrated with the customerís application. Any operating system and customerís applications can be pre-loaded for any production volume.

    ModelPrice (USD)

    Basic System with 300MHz Pentium CPU. OEM/volume pricing availble. Call for advanced systems pricing.
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