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Wind River VxWorks Support

Here at ACCES we pride ourselves on understanding the real-world needs of our customers: our team has been working intimately with industry partners, integrators, and end customers for around 30 years, and leverages our experiences and our commitment to solid, reliable products, software, and services to fill your real-world requirements.

One of the lessons we've learned over the years is the importance of an operating system designed from the ground up for reliability and deterministic behavior while avoiding bloat, rot, and bugs.

For the real-world, you need real-time: An RTOS provides these benefits solid and reliable low-latency headless performance without endless BSoDs, garbage-collection-pauses, and other faults common to ordinary "desktop" environments.

Among the many RTOS only one stands above the rest: VxWorks by Wind River® Wind River VxWorks is an embedded Real Time Operating System (RTOS) that focuses on scalability and modularity. Kernel profiles allow customization specific to the needs of an organization whether it be safety, security or graphics. Kernels can be 32-bit or 64-bit and can be built to provide Symmetrical Multiprocessing (SMP) or Asymmetrical Multiprocessing (AMP) where supported.

Drivers, Software, and Utilities

The following sections describe the various driver suites and software support libraries ACCES offers for VxWorks 7.

aioSerial.VxWorks provides a serial enumerator for all ACCES Plug-and-Play COM cards on all PCI, PCI Express, and PCI Express Mini Cards, as well as all related busses, causing the serial ports to automatically detect and install as normal VxWorks 7 SIO devices.

The aioSerial.VxWorks package also includes example source code for querying and setting the per-port RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 configuration on applicable PCI Express serial cards, and source code demonstrating advanced baud selection (up to 10MHz on these PCI Express COM cards in differential modes).

This package does not include support for ACCES' USB Serial IO cards, which are supported by FTDI.

Driver Suite

aioWDM.VxWorks provides a VxWorks 7 "Layer" that adds register-level API access to every PCI and PCI Express bus device, including PCI Express Mini Card, P104-Express, etcetera even CompactPCI and M2 bus devices.

The API provided by the aioWDM.VxWorks Driver Suite is a fully-compatible subset of ACCES' AIOWDM Driver Suite API for Windows.

The following API functions are provided by aioWDM.VxWorks:
RelInPortB, RelInPort, RelInPortL
Register access functions to read a register from an installed ACCES card. 8-, 16-, and 32-bit versions are provided.
RelOutPortB, RelOutPort, RelOutPortL
Register access functions to write to a register on an installed ACCES card. 8-, 16-, and 32-bit versions are provided.
Blocks the calling thread until the specified card generates an IRQ (or the Wait is aborted by AbortRequest)
Like WaitForIRQ but returns additional data from the card, sampled with the minimum latency possible after the IRQ fired
Aborts the WaitForIRQ or COSWaitForIRQ request
Configures customized "disable", "report", "clear", and "enable" scripts for use by the ISR
Aborts any pending IRQs and closes the device
Query the API for how many ACCES cards are installed using this driver suite
Query the API for information about a specific installed card

Download the aioWDM.VxWorks "readme.txt" file for all the boring details!

Driver Suite

ACCES has successfully partnered with Wind River to bring our entire line of USB DAQ boards to VxWorks 7!

Our newly available aioUSB.VxWorks driver and easy-to-use API-library, including full source and sample code, supports ReNumeration for loading firmware across the USB cable as well as our GenericVendorWrite and GenericVendorRead functions, compatible with our Windows AIOUSB.dll API. Additional AIOUSB API functions are being ported, ask for details!

With our aioUSB.VxWorks libary USB DAQ can now be used with the utmost confidence for real-world/real-time/rugged applications. Using VxWorks 7 as the solid foundation, and positive-retention cables in either micro-fit or USB-B-with-screw, as well as rugged steel enclosures and DIN-Rail or PC/104-mounting options, USB is no longer "just for desktops".

All our VxWorks code supports CR0540 and newer releases of VxWorks 7, with limited support for VxWorks 7 CR0472-era and VxWorks 6.9-era releases. We'll work with you to support your specific requirements, please contact us for any reason. We're here to help!

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