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ROB-24 Relay Output Card


  • 24 SPDT, Form C Relays (DPDT optional)
  • Fully compatible with any ACCES digital I/O card (except for IOD-64)
  • 3A carry-current contact ratings on ROB-24 and 4A on ROB-24H
  • Screw terminals for #14 through #22 AWG wire
  • LED status indicators for each relay
  • Removable Screw Terminal Option
  • Designed, made, supported, and manufactured in the USA
Model ROB-24 and ROB-24H are a 24-channel relay-output cards that can be controlled by digital inputs from ACCES IOD-Series digital I/O cards or other manufacturer's digital output cards. The card can be powered by either +5 VDC (ROB-24 or ROB-24H) or by 125 VAC (ROB-24-1 or ROB-24H-1). In the former case, we can also supply a seven-foot cable, CAB-MLX, that mates with standard molex connectors used in personal computer power distribution. For operation from AC-power inputs, the "-1" versions of these cards, screw terminals for the AC-power input and a power transformer are included. The cards also contain 24 LED's, one associated with each relay. These illuminate when their associated relays actuate.

For remote (RS-485) control of relays, you can also connect a modified ROB-24 to our RDG-24.

Each relay provides normally-closed and normally-open contacts (SPDT). If you need dual Form C contacts (DPDT), you may specify ROB-24-2 or ROB-24H-2.

I/O connectors for 50-pin connections (from ACCES' IOD-Series cards) and 37-pin connectors are provided. The latter provide means to use these relay cards with other manufacturer's cards if they use 37-pin connections. Interconnection to the digital output card can be via ACCES' model CAB50F-xx ribbon cable to ACCES' I/O cards or via CAB37-xx ribbon cable to other I/O cards. The relays are actuated by a 5-volt logic signal applied to appropriate pins of either the 50-pin or the 37-pin connector. If the digital-output card to be used has an unbuffered output (e.g., direct output from a type 8255 Programmable Peripheral Interface chip), then specify ROB-24-3 or ROB-24H-3. (Note: When Option 3 is selected, the relays will be actuated when power is applied to the card.) Thus, by use of ROB-24 or ROB-24H, you can realize simple, inexpensive control of heaters, fans, lights, etc.

The ROB-24 may be interfaced to any port of any ACCES IOD-Series card. Normally, digital inputs are pulled down to ground through 680 ohm resistors. However, if you prefer that they be pulled up to +5VDC, you can specify ROB-24-5 or ROB-24H-5. You can have multiple options in the card. For example, if you need AC-powered capability, DPDT relay output connections, and signals will come from an unbuffered digital output card, then the model number becomes: ROB-24-1-2-3


Programming ROB-24 is done by simple OUT statements. For example, if the card is to be controlled by an IOD-24E located at base address hex 310, BASIC statements would be used as follows:

10 OUT &H313,& H80

  • 'Sets the ports to use as outputs
20 OUT &H310,1
  • 'Activates port A, bit 0 (relay 0)
30 OUT &H311,16
  • 'Activates port B, bit 4 (relay 21)


Two connectors are provided for control inputs; one in 50-pin format and one in 37-pin format. For 50-pin connectors, the mating connector is AMP 1-499776-0 or equivalent. For 37-pin connectors, the mating connector is an AMP 747304-1 or equivalent.

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  • Quantity and Type: 24 ea., SPDT, Form C. (DPDT optional.)
  • Contact Material: Gold overlay silver.
  • Max. Switched Current: 2A DC, 1.25A AC.
  • Max. Carry Current: ROB-24: 2A AC or DC; ROB-24H: 4A AC or DC
  • Max. Switched Voltage: 150 VDC or 220 VAC.
  • Max. Switched Power: 30 W / 60 VA on ROB-24, 360 VA on ROB-24H. (Note: Good safety practice should be followed if AC voltages are to be switched at the relays.)
  • Actuate Time: ROB-24: 8 mSec; ROB-24H: 20mSec (including bounce).
  • Release Time: ROB-24: 8 mSec (including bounce); ROB-24H: 10 mSec (including bounce).
  • Mechanical Life Expectancy: 20 million operations minimum.


  • Operating temperature Range: 0o to 50oC.
  • Storage Temperature Range: -30o to +105oC.
  • Humidity: 45 to 85% RH, non-condensing.

Power Consumption (all relays ON)

  • 5 VDCPower: ROB-24: 2A, ROB-24H: 4A max.
  • 115 VACPower: ROB-24: 310mA, ROB-24H: 390 mA max.


  • Card Dimensions: 16" long x 4.75" wide x 2" high(407mm x 121mm x 51mm.
  • Weight: 2.25 lbs.(1kg) max. (for Model ROB-24-1-2).
  • Screw Terminal Wire Spacing: 0.200" (5 mm).
  • Screw Terminal Wire Sizes: 12 to 22 AWG.

ModelPrice (USD)
Option 130.00
Option 240.00
Option 325.00
Option 520.00

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