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Firmware Evolution 2.0

The latest round of firmware updates for the USB DAQ product line has arrived!

This new firmware release takes advantage of the local intelligence built into these USB Test and Measurement devices by implementing a number of new capabilities, including Watchdog, PWM, Low-Pass digital filtering, and more.

Because our devices use innovative "soft" firmware technology from Cypress existing customers can take advantage of these new features simply by updating your device's Software Package from each product's web page, or from our List of Packages for Download

Obelisk / Evolution 2.0

Every product in our USB/104 data acquisition product line now supports user-configured and factory-default settings at power-on / reset. These settings include port direction and output level on digital bits, but also counter mode and load values, DAC range and output values, etcetera - most anything you can set, you can set as the default for use at the next reset.
Additionally, all of these cards support an application-level watchdog: if your software fails to communicate with the device as often as you've configured, all signals will revert to your preferred "fail-safe" state.

Every USB/104 data acquisition board with
even a single digital input now supports reading a debounced version of those input signals - with user configurable debouncing time constants.

All of these digital inputs can also be read in latched form - high latch, low latch, and clock latched signals are all available on all bits at all times, with user configurable clock rates.

Every USB/104 data acquisition board with even a single digital output can configure some or all of those outputs to generate square waves with arbitrary duty cycle - from less than 0% to 100% in increments of less than 0.5%, without any CPU or USB transactions once started.

Additionally, a new feature we're calling "Matrix Mapping" allows any output to track the state of any input - with optional inversion - with the operation occurring on user-selected clock intervals - no CPU or USB transactions involved.

Read more about all of these and more features added with Firmware 2.0 at